5 Must-Know Packing Tips So You Can Travel Like A Pro

5 Must-Know Packing Tips So You Can Travel Like A Pro

The time is finally here for the family to hit the road - or the runway- and go on that long-awaited family vacation! But before you can do that, you have one final obstacle to overcome: packing. That's when you realize you have no idea how even to begin, and suddenly, the thought of packing seems incredibly daunting. But, don't worry, with our five must-know packing tips, you'll be able to pack for any situation like a pro!




1. Always keep necessities and valuables in your carry-on.

Whenever we go on any trip, there's no telling what'll happen to our luggage from one day to the next. That's why it's crucial always to keep your necessities and valuables as close to you as possible. It would be best to pack electronics, jewelry, sample-sized toiletries, one day's change of clothes, and any other valuables into your carry-on if an unforeseen emergency arises.


2. Pack what you actually need.

So many of us are guilty of overpacking - myself included- and it's a struggle to stop! You want to pack for a weekend and pack for a week; packing for a week means packing for a month. Don't worry; we've all been there.

I recommend using the 5,4,3,2,1 rule for packing for weeklong trips. No more than five pairs of underwear and socks should go with you, four tops, three pairs of pants, two pairs of shoes, and one hat. Of course, this "rule" is just a guideline and should be adjusted to suit your needs properly. But by using this as a starting point, you'll focus on the functionality of clothes, rather than the aesthetic appeal of having five of the same shirt but in different colors!



3. Plan out each suitcase and log it!

We all know how hard it is to pack for yourself, and many can only imagine the struggles of accounting for your family. However, once you have your edited and revised checklist and your luggage set laid out, plan which items will go into each suitcase and document it. Whether you want to write it down on paper, record it in your phone's notes app, or take a picture of the contents of each suitcase, keeping track of what went where will help you dramatically when it’s time to find that one particular item!




4. Roll and fold!

Rolling your clothes helps free up necessary space and decreases the number of wrinkles in your clothing. So, roll soft and light items like scarves and t-shirts while folding bulkier times like sweaters and pants. Treat packing luggage like the most critical game of Tetris, and you're set!


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5. Pack the heaviest items by the wheels

Putting items such as towels, jeans, books, and sweaters at your suitcase's base helps keep your luggage grounded while upright. In addition, keeping your fragile items by the handle is a great way to avoid them being bumped around and crushed by the heavier items on top.


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So, now when it's time for your next family vacation, you have all the tips and tricks you need to pack your family luggage sets like the pro you are!


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